Monday, September 16, 2013

Go to Lamb Stew from the 4 Blades (with extra wine)

Well because today was my birthday I was planning not to cook, and had gone to great lengths plotting a menu which included lots of leftovers last night. I was driving around today and listening to the 4 Blades Podcast and wouldn't you know it they were doing a recipe which sounded easy, delicious and would use up  some of the split pumpkin out in the garden as well as the exact leftover vegetables I had in my fridge. This was obviously meant to be so I bought 800g of diced lamb and came home to try out my best birthday present - a new camera with a food setting!

The recipe can be heard here or you can just read it here The only thing I really did differently was double the wine and that was because I wasn't paying attention.

This is really easy to do ahead and you could walk the dog, transport the kids or put your feet up with a gin and tonic while it cooks.

First you go out in the garden and pick a chilli and some parsley. Put them in the TM with the garlic and onion.

 Then you scrape down and fry it and the kitchen smells heavenly
Add lamb (I had 800g)
 and tomatoes and pumpkin
 and vegetables I used capsicum, broccoli, and cauliflower
and wine and stock. I was listening to another episode of the podcast and got completely distracted and put in 250 ml of wine instead of 100 ml (WHOOPS!)
As Bec says it is very full when you start
Here is where the MC sat
after 10 mins it started to smell really good
after 40 minutes it looked like this
so I took out the MC and put the basket on it to hopefully reduce it a little
And in an hour we had this and it was absolutely delicious! Sorry about the picture quality (still making friends with my camera) - there is a nice one at the original place here 

6 serves easy - and only 6 Weight Watchers Pro Points per serve so you can have bread, rice, pasta, dessert, whatever you like!


  1. This looks amazing. Just found your blog and I'm devouring it recipe by recipe. Will be making this one asap, sounds and looks divine. :)

    1. So glad to be of service. I haven't blogged much because we are cooking things that are already up