Saturday, July 4, 2015

limes and finger food

I have been busy, travelling and unwell so my cooking mojo went somewhere else and my blogging mojo followed it, however...

This week I had a bucket of limes to use up. And there are more on the tree.

So the challenge begins:

I made Lime Curd - just the Thermomix EDC recipe Oh MY GOODNESS I just want to eat this off the spoon even after seeing how much butter and sugar went in there

Then Lime Marmalade - again the EDC, mind you don't look for it in the index under "L" or "M" whoever put that together should be writing crosswords for a living - it's under "C" for Citrus so I stumbled on the recipe by accident while making the Lime Curd. One batch made 4 jars of sticky breakfast goodness.

Lime cordial was next I chose this recipe because it had less sugar than the others. Himself (who is a bit of a lime cordial connoisseur)  is very impressed with the result.

We are having guests tonight so I wanted to make finer food - I decided to give The4Blades chicken wings a go.
I made the hot sauce a couple of days in advance. I substituted apple cider vinegar for the white vinegar and half the cayenne with paprika and it is still blow your head off hot. It will be interesting to see how it goes with the wings tonight.

So today I had a blitz - I made this cake which is way different to the lazy cakes I usually do - and it is sugar free and GF as well. It smells divine.

Then some of these Lime balls. Just because I could.

And because it seemed like we ought to have vegetables in there somewhere I made 40 mini muffins using this recipe

So then we did the 4Blades hot wings (I needed double the spice mix) and the jerk wings. One batch are cooking in the veroma right now.

Is that enough inspiration for a bit? I think I need a rest!

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