Sunday, February 3, 2013

Raspberry frangipani cake

This is a Thermomix version of a couple of recipes pulled out of magazines or library books - I think it is pretty well perfect. Deliciously perfect anyway

Place 200 g white sugar and the rind of 2 lemons in the Thermomix grind 5 seconds at speed 10. I take the rind off using a vegetable peeler.

Add 200 g unsalted butter (I use the groovy Western Star 100g portions) cut into cubes
Blend 30 seconds at speed 5
Add 4 eggs one at a time blend 5 seconds at speed 5 after each egg is added

Scrape down the sides, add 200 g almond meal and 30 g cornflour blend 20 seconds speed 5
Scrape down the sides again and blend 20 secs at speed 5

Pour into a wide shallow dish - I use the Chef's Toolbox pie mold which sadly appears to be discontinued - the slice tin would do the trick...

Then decorate the top with sixteen raspberries - I just use frozen ones

And bake at 175 for about 25-30 minutes till just starting to brown around the edges

Turn out and leave to cool - I turned it out by using two plates and flipping it quickly.

This is great with yoghurt cream...
To make yoghurt cream just whip cream and then fold through an equal quantity of yoghurt

last night we had it with Weight Watchers Raspberry Dessert Sauce which is seriously yum! Serves 12
9 ProPoints per serve and worth every mouthful!

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