Tuesday, August 7, 2012

leftover chocolate chips

Because leftover chocolate chips is not a situation we haven't all had to deal with right?

I merged several (extremely useful) old style peanut butter jars and came up with this

So I thought "cake". Googled "chocolate cake thermomix" and hit this little gem

It called for dark chocolate chips, and sugar, so I used accumulated chocolate chips and brown sugar

You just put all the chocolate, sugar and butter in and cook for 5 minutes

Add flour, salt and eggs, and suddenly you have a cake ready to hit the oven! I used the CT round mold which turned the cake out a dream! I took pics but being a dingbat had left the SD card in the computer so the progress pics now only exist in my imagination. C'est la vie!

So this was all done while I watched Masterchef and did the dishes.

I am off to bed now with a very small slice of this and Offspring Series 3. It's about 12 ProPoints per slice based on 8 slices per cake.

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