Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weight Watchers Tuscan Pork Fillet with Cabbage Salad

Tonight we are eating straight out of this Weight Watchers book
Well, kind of. You know I can't not fiddle with a recipe. Well some things just take longer if you don't crank up the Thermomix. And I used it to grate the parmesan so I thought while it was awake... I would just chuck all the stuff in for the rub and turbo it a couple of times. It did need a scrape down and a second go...

But then I added the honey and did the same again and when I turned the rub out on the pork fillet Taff assured me this one has a better consistency than 20 minutes banging away in the old mortar and pestle.

So anyway we rubbed it on the pork fillet (those are Taff's fingers)

And followed the instructions - popped it in with the potatoes and got on with the salad. My other deviation. I used wombuk. Because it is curly and nice and was in the fridge.

The salad is really great - balsamic glaze and olice oil instead of mixing a dressing and it is just cabbage, carrot and parmesan mixed well

Here it is in a heirloom bowl. Not my heirloom, this one was picked up at an op shop but it is a lovely bowl and just the right size for this as well as waist exploding trifles.

From this point on you people are lucky to be getting pics at all as I managed to mangle my SD card and the microscopic write protection tab is somewhere on the floor under my desk. Lucky I had an old micro SD from a phone and a reader that would go in the camera

After it came out of the oven it looked like this:

So you stand for a leetle while and then serve
Here is what I had:
only10 Propoints - amazing cheezy oily goodness

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