Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fast food that is comfort food too

Tonight there were heaps of leftovers for the monkeys to choose from so I got in my pyjamas early and made a big bowl of yum for me. Here's how:

Start with some fresh vegetables and these Indomie Mi Goreng Noodles. They probably contain all kinds of hideous preservatives and stuff but I have taken off my specs so I can't read any of the small print. I am just really happy that delicious quick noodles that fill up my teenagers are not part of the Nestle boycott (Maggi noodles are) If you haven't heard about the boycott click here for a list of products you might like to think about replacing with something else. 

Sadly there is no substitute for a Kit Kat.

This is what you find in the packet. Noodles and five mysterious sachets. 

Don't ask what is in them I have no idea. Maybe they are the chemicals they injected into Captain America?

Cut up your vegetables. I julienne my zucchini with my genuine 1982 Borner V Slicer. I don't think you can buy the orange ones any more.

I just chop the capsicum (I used half) and spring onions into small pieces.

Cook the noodles for 3 minutes in 400ml boiling water (like it says on the pack) 

While they are cooking fry an egg in a non stick pan - that funky egg ring is from Chef's Toolbox. Some nights I have a square egg.Or a flower.

Put all the mysterious chemicals into a bowl and mix together. At this point I become the evil chemist from a Marvel comic book.

About one minute before the noodles are cooked plonk the zucchini on top of it to steam a little. (By the way have I mentioned how excellent chopsticks are for stirring in the kitchen?)

 Then drain and tip into the bowl where the Captain America stuff is waiting. Dump the other veg on top, toss it all together and then put the egg on top.

Eat and enjoy. This dish is 10 Weight Watchers ProPoints and includes 3 serves of vegetables

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