Sunday, July 1, 2012

Psychedelic salmon

We tried the Weight watchers Food You'll Love cookbook
lemon and maple salmon last night but didn't fancy their sides.

So we went with the tried and true Jane Kennedy no boombah asparagus and tomatoes (for details see here) and planned cauliflower mock rice again because it is so easy and yum and totally free of Weight Watchers ProPoints.

When we got to the stupid market they had a treat in store for us - three colours of cauliflower to choose from! So I brought home purple and this is what it looked like when it had been knocked apart in the Thermomix!

Then I mixed up the marinade - lemon rind and juice and maple syrup (real maple syrup not pretend) 
Mix and pour over salmon 15 minutes before putting it in the oven

The marinade was really quick and simple so with the cauliflower steaming away and the salmon and asparagus in the oven there was really nothing to do but sit down with a glass of wine!

The final result - delicious!

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