Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lamb shanks and roasted vegetables

Lazy Saturday afternoon with music on shuffle and we wanted food that was filling and delicious but does not need fussing over. So we have done our take on two Weight Watchers recipes - balsamic lamb shanks which are in the WW Cook Hearty book as well as online here

Firstly I don't like extra washing up. So the part about brown first then transfer to an oven proof dish. We won't do that will we? That's a 100% increase in effort for no reward. Who wants that?

Saute pan
Take your wonderful Como Saute Pan from Chefs toolbox and brown the lamb shanks while you cut up the vegetables. Or better yet while someone else cuts them up. Then you can just pop in, take a photo and blog away!

Add the vegetables. We didn't use one carrot we used a whole packet of the Chantenay carrots Coles is selling at the moment - very sweet, no need to peel and easy to top and tail the whole kaboodle.

Here is what it looked like just before we chucked all the rest of the ingredients in. And this pan is great because you can choose to put it in the oven or leave it on the stove over the lowest possible flame. If I had done this 6 hours ago it would be in the slow cooker but I didn't so it isn't. Tonight we are doing it on the stove top.

And vegetables. Our Weight Watchers meeting his morning was all about increasing the variety and number of vegetables and I think this recipe is a great start. Of course I don't actually follow it (the quantities on the website are a bit dodgy - one mushroom and one cherry tomato? what's that about?) .
Here is what we are having tonight:

Pumpkin - half a butternut squash
Eggplant - from our garden
Purple sweet potato
Zucchini - two because I am leaving out the mushrooms
Cherry tomatoes - one punnet
Capsicum - one red 
Red Onion - one

Cut them all up small, and decide what you are cooking them on. I use my two oldest crappiest baking trays with my lovely CT baking sheets Cut everything up small except the tomaoes - I just halved them. I chopped the garlic with the rosemary and sprinkled that lovely fragrant mess on top at the end. This is a TON of veg for two people and one fussy boy (no big boys here tonight) but it is really delicious cold as well and makes a great quick lunch.

We don't do the rocket either - just double the baby spinach. And 240g of chick peas? What's that about? All the cans in my cupboard have 400g so that's what I will be dumping on top.

So after 30 - 40 minutes you pull it all out of the oven, throw the chick peas and feta on top (by the way we have a serious Danish feta habit to support in this household) Bake 5 more minutes and you get this:

Throw the baby spinach into a BIG salad bowl and dump everything else on top. Make sure the juice goes in as well as all the vegetables. Squeeze the juice of a lemon over the whole lot.

The heat will wilt the spinach and this is your opportunity to mix it up a bit.

Meanwhile serve up the lamb shanks. Enjoy. Save the excess veg for healthy lunches over the next few days.

Only 11 ProPoints per serve - comfort food done right!

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