Sunday, September 2, 2012

Barbecue breakfast and curried sausages

We cleaned out the UFOs in the fridge
Leftover Chinese food (one of the boys works at a Chinese take away) and pizza
We had some leftover sausages

Just try Googling "Weight watchers curried sausages" and prepare to read fifty bajillion whiny blog posts about "I ate all that and now it's worth SO many points" So I Googled "Thermomix curried sausages instead and hit this post

It has HEAPS of vegies which will help with my Healthy checks today after the official Cafe Disarray Fathers Day breakfast which started like this
and included these 
as well as this

This is not what I ate
I don't have step by step pictures because blogging was not really on my mind. I only had 330g of chipolatas not 500g of sausages so I didn't do all the steaming nonsense at the beginning at all - just cut up the leftover snags. I used coconut oil in it because I seem to have a jar of the stuff in my cupboard, not really sure why I must have needed it for something. It was pretty good for frying the pancakes in this morning. Our dish ended up looking like this and was a total of 37 ProPoints or 6 points per person plus points for the rice we served with it. And it was DELICIOUS!

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