Saturday, September 15, 2012

Points free peach icecream - delicious mess in a bowl!

Start with a jar of peaches in natural juice - I can't reember what that weighs but I used the whole thing. Spread it on a tray covered with a silicon baking sheet (like the one from Chef's Toolbox)
Freeze until solid. Mine went in a couple of days ago (hence the frost)
Fold up the sheet and break off the chunks of fruit. Place in your Thermomix
Process 20 seconds at speed 7
Add 100g natural yoghurt (I used Greek) and insert the butterfly
Blend 20 seconds at speed 4

That's it. Serve and enjoy. You can go for elegant, or hungry. We were hungry. It was delicious.
This would work equally well with apricots. Or mangoes

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