Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chicken with rice (tweaked)

We treated ourselves to the new Weight Watchers cookbook "Takeaway At Home" this week. So tonight I gave the Arroz con pollo (chicken with rice) on page 67 a try.

I dashed out at lunchtime to buy the ingredients
Mexican chilli powder - what's that? could I use taco seasoning - I made a small mountain of that in the Thermomix following this recipe but maybe I should try following the recipe first and tweak it after? So I bought a jar of Mexican chilli powder and found its twin in the cupboard when I got home (I have NO idea what recipe we bought that one for!)

So I got chicken tenderloins rather than thighs as it was easier to get the right weight, but I could not find a 310g can of corn so I grabbed the 420g can instead.

Came home and pulled out the trusty Chefs Toolbox saute pan. You only need the tiniest bit of oil and use a silicon brush to spread it.

In with the chicken which took a while to brown and I didn't want it to look white in a pot full of rice. SO I left it in one side of the pan while I added the onion to the other side and kept it browning

Then I added the capsicum and zucchini

At no time did I need to take the chicken out. Maybe the WW test kitchen only has small pans - you know like they get us to eat off small plates to get our heads around the serving size problem behaviour?
Mexican chilli powder. 1 teaspoon. Well that doesn't sound like a party does it? So I chucked in two.

And stir
And add the corn (remember I used the whole can) and tomatoes - well in our case one huge tomato that looked like the Schwarzenegger of tomatoes from a friends garden, the aroma when I cut i was amazing.

The CT pan has a fantastic twist lid so you can seal it completely (that's the trick to a stove top pizza or no stir risotto) so it was perfect to leave for 25 minutes to cook without my attention. I took the Kid to Kung Fu and went to the park with the dog. While I was out someone took it off the heat at the right time, put it in the Thermoserver and sprinkled it with lime juice and coriander. Thai coriander which looks like this:
because I don't have the other kind in the garden
Here is the finished product (yes he took a photo too!):
It was absolutely delicious - nice and zingy and I put it through the recipe calculator - guess what Weight Watchers - I got it down to 6 Pro Points a serve (serves 6) - yes I managed to lose 4 points a serve out of a new WW recipe. Go me! Oh and you should all go buy that book. Do it now.


  1. That looks absolutely delicious. I have never seen Thai coriander before. Unfortunately we can't grow coriander here and I love it so I am resigned to buying it. I love your blog.

  2. Thanks for your kind words - ask around at local markets for Thai coriander (sometime it is called sawtooth coriander) - once it is established you will find it everywhere like a weed!