Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Low fat shaksuka

This is based on Israeli Shaksuka - a dear friend shared her breakfast recipe with me
Tonight we were out till almost 7pm and needed dinner in a hurry

I put 2 cloves garlic in the Thermomix for 3 seconds at speed 7
Then added 2 medium onions and a red pepper, chopped 4 secs speed 5

Add 1 tsp cumin and 1 tsp paprika

Add 800g diced canned tomatoes (this is also great for using up a garden tomato glut)

Cook 9 minutes 100 degrees speed 1
You will know it is done when the aroma assaults your senses

Pour into a pan on the stove which has a wide base
And add your eggs. Tonight we are having two eggs each. 
Simmer in the pan until the whites are cooked. Leave the yolks runny.
Scoop out into a bowl, sprinkle with parsley and serve

Only 4ProPoints per person so you can add crusty delicious bread - How awesome is that?

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